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Dove Słupia – looking for beavers

  • Difficulty of the route: medium
  • River: Słupia
  • Start: Gołębia Góra
  • End: Jezioro Głębokie
  • Length: 9 km
  • Duration of the route: 3-4h
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: none
  • Preferred equipment: single, mountain single, double, canoe
  • Minimal number of participants: 8 person


Below we present a route for those who have already canoed on rivers with obstacles in the form of fallen trees and they know what a rapid current is. Yes - on the section from Gołębia Góra to the mouth of the river there are numerous fallen trees you need to face, which, depending on skills and the water level can be climbed over or underneath. The current sometimes rapid in the vicinity of obstacles – you should expect a little water in your kayak.

However, this part of Słupia is more than only obstacles in water. On the way you will come across natural attractions: Słupia Valley Landscape Park,  nature reserve “Gołębia Góra” - "Dove Mountain" and the Nature Trail "Surroundings of Lake Głębokie". In these area there are the nests of white-tailed eagle, black stork, red kite and cormorants. The rare mammals we can meet include beavers and otters! In addition, you will be charmed by the fantastic river meanders and bays of Bytowa River

Finally and most importantly - after a successful struggle with this route, you can already start thinking about choosing  the truly extreme routes – e.g. Łupawa or Radunia!

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