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Rybaki and Trzebiocha

  • Difficulty of the route: easy
  • River: Trzebiocha
  • Start: Rybaki
  • End: Wdzydze Kiszewskie
  • Length: 16 hm
  • Duration of the route: 5h
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 2
  • Preferred equipment: single, double, canoe
  • Minimal number of participants: 8 person


Trzebiocha, just like every woman, is variable. Sometimes it moves slowly in its wide riverbed, enabling the contemplation of the landscape around you, then it becomes narrower and runs under a canopy formed by overhanging tree branches that attract your attention. And when you almost get used to these changes it runs into a lake ... first, second, third ... and you can only hear the wild birds singing ... a feeling of oneness with nature that permeates you through and through becomes indispensable and is intensified by the atmosphere of the area, through which the river flows. Only you, kayak, pervasive silence and nature ... Trzebiocha has that something which makes everyone completing Trzebiocha route smile. Isn’t that a full version of  recreation?

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