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Łupawa – the most extreme river of Pomerania!

  • Difficulty of the route: hard
  • River: Łupawa
  • Start: Łupawsko
  • End: Smołdzino / Gardna
  • Length: 84 km
  • Duration of the route: 5 days
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 9
  • Preferred equipment: single, mountain single, double

Below you will find a route ideal for those who are not bothered by water in the canoe, are not afraid of rolling over and have already known how to fix a hole in their “ship”. Hold on tight – here’s Łupawa! This wild river reminds  a mountain river with more rapids and obstacles than in a case of a peaceful current. If you manage to stop reading the water for a short while, you will notice beautiful high and steep hills as well as old backwoods covering the banks. It is worth visiting that place if you crave for many stories to tell after you come back ...

The upper section of Łupawa runs through Lake Jasień which is interesting as far as landscape is concerned (it is the biggest lake of Słupia Valley Landscape Park). Further Łupawa, just like a mountain river, cuts an area of moraines and finally falls into the waters of  Lake Gardno. The upper and middle section provide extraordinary attractions in a form of high steep hills situated near the water as well as old backwoods covering the banks of the river. One has to prepare well for facing that route bearing in mind that although the route itself is not long, sometimes even 4-6 days, which is a standard period for covering the route on Łupawa, are not enough.

As there are few people in surrounding area, the river offers first class of purity almost on the entire length. We are also not likely to meet many tourists here opposite to popular canoeing routes.

Canoeing down Łupawa is an option for those who crave for real adventure and dislike getting bored while paddling. Additional attraction of this route is the possibility of organizing a one day trip to Słowiński National Park and observing the panorama of the Baltic coast from the tops of the highest dunes, reaching 40 m. Remember that entering Lake Gardno requires the permission of the management of Słowiński National Park (sekretariat @ slowinskipn.pl, www.slowinskipn.pl). As far as the lake itself is concerned its coastal location results here in high waves and one is forced to move against the wind which requires much strength and it is often dangerous.

Suggested route:
  1. J.Obrowo-Kozin : 14 km

  2. Kozin-Łupawa : 19 km

  3. Łupawa-Damno Młyn : 23 km

  4. Damno Młyn-Żelkowo : 16 km

  5. Żelkowo-L.Gardno (optionally Smołdzino) : 12 km

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