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Wierzyca: currents of nature and culture

  • Difficulty of the route: medium
  • River: Wierzyca
  • Start: Wielki Podleś
  • End: Gniew
  • Length: 142 km
  • Duration of the route: 8 days
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 13
  • Preferred equipment: single, double, canoe

Kayaking route of Wierzyca is just being rediscovered after many years of oblivion. This river originates in the heart of Kashuby, near Będomin, as a kayaking route is recommended starting from the vicinity of Kościerzyna. There it leaves Kashuby and runs quietly meandering through fields and meadows  of Kociewie. Seemingly benign Wierzyca river is not easy. It carries a lot of water, and sometimes it can run really fast, just  by coincidence in happens at the most difficult corners and near fallen trees in the stream. Canoeing on it requires constant vigilance and involves quite a lot of adrenaline. Thus, even experienced kayakers with much experience on the route  can be faced with a challenge.

Wierzyca advantages, beside the picturesque nature, include the multitude of interesting sights and towns on the route. Nearby camping sites you can see the ruins of the Teutonic fortress at Kiszewski Castle, Cistercian church in Pogódki, huge Gothic basilica of Cistercian monks in  Peplin (and the town itself, charming and serving as  "spiritual capital of Kociewo") and the majestic, Gothic town of Gniew towering over the Vistula River valley with its medieval Old Town and the mighty castle of the Teutonic Knights. Trip finishes on the Vistula River, we can continue to Gdansk or Malbork.

In recent years this route underwent much improved concerning the management. Here we find nice, quiet camping and marinas. Certainly, on the route you will not meet the crowds - Wierzyca is only beginning to be explored for mass tourism. It is worth to try it  now, while it still has the charm of a wild and unknown river.

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