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Wierzyca, Vistula and Żuławy: 270 kilometers in kayak

  • River: Wierzyca
  • Start: J.Wierzysko
  • End: Gniew
  • Length: 270 km
  • Duration of the route: 14 days
  • Preferred equipment: single, double, canoe

It is our offer for lovers of long canoeing trips. Wierzyca constitutes an extension of the route to Gdansk. Gniew the end point of trip on Wierzyca, is in this case only a halfway point. The first challenge on the longer route is the Vistula, whose seductive, a vast swath (note the wave, wind and eddies) leads us a few kilometers to the old sluice in Biała Góra.  

There we make a turn to peaceful Nogat, which will lead us to the biggest Polish castle in Malbork. Seen from the kayak, from high water level the castle looks particularly impressive. On the way we will pass several small sluices and reach the route "Żuławska Loop", which is formed  by Nogat and Szkarpawa as well as Vistula and Motława - the main rivers Żuławy, developed in recent years for water tourism. Marinas situated on this route constitute comfortable and safe base also for canoeists.

We can finish our route in Elblag or go on from Nogat to Szkarpawa. We do not enter the Vistula Lagoon as it is dangerous for canoeists. Szkarpawa leads us through Rybin, where we will see two drawbridges, in the heart of Żuławy. Numerous arcaded houses, Mennonite cemeteries and historic churches with charming willows and the quiet, lowland landscape create a unique climate and atmosphere of the land stolen from the sea.

We paddle through Żuławy till the end of our route, passing through the sluice in Gdansk Główny back to the Vistula. We can canoe down the river to the sea (from Mikoszewo or Świbno) or take the next sluice (Przegalina) to  the so-called. "Dead Vistula River," which leads us to Gdansk. This gives us the opportunity to end  the route under the famous Crane on a canoe marina in Żabi Kruk.

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