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Radunia – quintessence of Kashubian Switzerland

  • Difficulty of the route: easy
  • River: Radunia
  • Start: Stężyca
  • End: Gdańsk
  • Length: 97 km
  • Duration of the route: 6 days
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 12
  • Preferred equipment: single, double, canoe

Kayaking on Radunia is an unforgettable experience due to beautiful landscape. Discover most charming corners of the Kashubian Lake District - high hills, deep ravines and clean lakes. People from Kashubian region say this river  is a beating heart of the lake district. Check it out for yourselves.

This boisterous and busy river is ideal for people looking for recreation on water, adventure and sports experience. Its volatility makes different sections of this attractive route suitable for people with varying degrees of experience in canoeing. It is the ideal kayak route for team building. The entire trail of Radunia is divided into three parts with radically different character.

The first part is a set of lakes connected by short flows, which together with several other basins form the so-called Raduńskie Ring which has  a shape of the necklace from the bird’s perspective. Radunia is the axis of the area, creating beautiful string of glacial valley system by combining the lakes and small streams. There are over 25 water reservoirs of various sizes, entirely located within the area Kashubian Landscape Park, almost all of which are suitable for water sports and kayaking.

The second part constitutes a crucial part of the river - Radunia  running out from the Lake Ostrzyckie already turns into an independent river. First it creates numerous meanders, in a deep, beautiful valley Radunia to continue below Wyczechowo, north from Szymbarskie Hills and Somonina, reaches the picturesque gorge which  is often called "Babidolski breakthrough", "breakthrough of Radunia" or "Jar Radunia".  Water runs extremely Fast here; many stone Rapids and trees in the riverbed add wildness to this place and provide kayakers with adrenaline.

The third part of the route is much less attractive compared to the previous two, which makes most of the trips end in Żuków. Radunia is increasingly regulated and flows through the artificial barrier lakes: Łapińskie, Kolbudy, Goszyn and Straszyńskie, thanks to 8 turbines of hydroelectric power station. Long episodes of carrying the kayaks make the route  arduous and the river in this section is less clear.

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