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  • Start: Świeszyno
  • End: Bydgoszcz - Fordon
  • Length of the river: 239 km
  • Length of the route: 233 km
  • Duration of the route: 10 dni
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 5
  • Preferred equipment: jedynki, dwójki, kanadyjki


Brda is the left estuary of Vistula River. Major part of the route is located within National Park “Tuchola Forest” and within the area of Zaborski and Tuchola Landscape Park. Basin of Brda consists of over forty tributaries and many lakes. The river originates in Lake Smołowe and the upper section has its end in Lake Szczytno. The middle part of Brda crosses glacial lakes in Charzykowska Plain; further the River runs through Tuchola Forests and in the end reaches Bydgoszcz and flows into the Vistula above Fordon.


Brda route is considered to be an easy one. There are not many obstacles on the route so this river, especially the middle section is simply perfect for a family trip or first experiences concerning the kayak.

Brda is presently well prepared for hosting canoeists. Developed tourist infrastructure in a form of recreation centers, marinas and private camping sites means everybody will find something suitable here. The only exception is the upper section of Brda, up till Lake Szczytno, you will need your own tent here.


Brda is a diverse river which will not allow you to get bored. It is twisting, surrounded by beautiful forests, it runs lazily through meadows and forest, suddenly changing into a fast stream with high steep banks. These made Brda a popular river, however, still there are many places which can charm you with silence and mysteriousness.

Brda route can be divided into three stages. The first one is so called upper section from the riverhead to Lake Szczytno. This is a section for people who enjoy carrying the kayaks as well as obstacles, quite narrow river bed and refreshing fast current. We’ll come across two constant obstacles here: valvular weir and mill in Stara Brda. If you are lucky, you will notice stags, deer or boars approaching the banks.

Before flowing into Lake Szczytno, in a beech forest which is almost 300 years old and constitutes a forest preserve, there are few dozens of cormorant and heron nests. The middle section of Brda goes from Lake Szczytno to a dam in Mylof and it is a completely different river. It is the most popular section and at times it can get crowded. Here the river is wide and usually calm so it is a perfect place for a family trip. Undoubtedly the scenic lakes are the attraction of this area: Szczytno, Charzykowskie, Długie as well as Łąckie.

Lower section of Brda starting from Mylof is characterized by more significant decrease, current is fast here but it is still easy with small amount of adrenaline. On this section, below the village of Rytel, there are beautiful pine forests and near Tuchola you will come across a splendid crossing with many rapids. This crossing is called Piekiełko – Little Hell (forest preserve) and its best part is the biggest and definitely most beautiful lake on this route,

Lake Koronowskie, surrounded by forest from every side. Koronowski Bay involves plenty of “still water” but it is worth making that effort to reach Bydgoszcz and finish your adventure with Brda on Vistula River. Passing through Bydgoszcz Venetia will be an additional reward. Brda is suitable for an interesting weekend but also a three-day-long trip involving exploring its tributaries. Canoeing down Brda is definitely „must go!” kind of thing – you cannot ignore this river because once you get there you know you have to come back.


  • Charzykowska Plain
  • Tuchola Forest
  • Forest preserve "Przytoń"
  • Sanctuary "Osiedle Kormoranów" – „Cormorant Village”  (39km of the route)
  • Water dam in Mylof
  • Educational trail "Jelenia Wyspa" – „Stag Island”
  • Great Channel of Brda
  • Dendrologic Park


  1. Świeszyno - Nowa Brda (25 km)
  2. Nowa Brda - Przechlewo OSIR (26 km)
  3. Przechlewo OSIR - Małe Swornegacie (25 km)
  4. Małe Swornegacie - Mylof (26 km)
  5. Mylof - Woziwoda (25 km)
  6. Woziwoda - Świt (24 km)
  7. Świt - Sokole Kuźnica (20 km)
  8. Sokole Kuźnica - Samociążek (23km)
  9. Samociążek - Janowo (15 km)
  10. Janowo - Bydgoszcz (Fordon) (24 km)


  • Brda – absolute classic
  • Nowa Brda - Gostycyn-Nogawica 140 km book now
  • Brda differently - Mylof – Brda Channel - Czerska Struga - Piła Młyn
  • Mylof - Piła Młyn book now
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