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  • Start: Miastko
  • End: Darłówko (rz.Wieprza)
  • Length of the river: 45 km
  • Length of the route: 36km + 81km
  • Duration of the route: 2 + 4 dni (Wieprza)
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 3
  • Preferred equipment: jedynki


Studnica a left tributary of Wieprza. Its sources are located in the western part of Lake Bytowskieg (Pomeranian voivodeship), southeast of Miastko. The river originates approx. 8 km before Miastko and flows out of the lake near the village of Słosinko. Then flows through the lake Studzieniczno and moves towards Miastko. Mouth of the Wieprzy is situated in the vicinity of the village Biesowice.


This route is a very difficult and requires a lot of experience. Depending on the water level we will always come across at least a few trees, near which you should get out of the kayak and carry it. Here you have to keep a lot of distance between canoes, so as not to block the way. The river has a strong current and a lot of rocky rapids. In some sections the decrease of land can be noticed with a naked eye. In case of Studnica you should equip yourselves with  single kayaks provided with shirts - extreme contingent and unforgettable experience. Double kayak on that river would be a misunderstanding, especially on the section from Miastko to Łodzierza. There is no tourist infrastructure, but you will easily find many wild places to camp (for a maximum 56 tents). Stores are located in towns Miastko, Kawcza, Przytocko and Darnowo.


We start outside Miastko at concrete footbridge  on Fabryczna street (launching from the right edge). Due to the rapid current and a very large number of the various obstacles it is better to face the river in single kayak. To complete the entire route you need two days. Studnica passes through picturesque woodlands and rarely runs through open areas. It flows in a deeply incised gorge and only at a place where approaches Wieprza it slows down and gets a bit wider. Due to numerous fallen trees and breakthroughs  there is no time to get bored. We finish the trip on Wieprza. Studnica is the most interesting river in Pomerania for people who are tired of the peaceful paddling and are looking for new stronger emotions. For those who come here for a longer stay, we offer a continuation of the route on Wieprza with the end on the beach in Darłówek and the possibility to sail the Baltic Sea. Studnica is also ideal for canoeing in winter. It is a challenge for the most experienced kayakers. Are you up to muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch adrenaline? Come in winter to test your skills on the most demanding river  in northern Poland!


  1. Miastko - Kawczyn (16 km)
  2. Kawczyn - Kawka (20 km)


  • Many stone rapids
  • Magically fallen trees
  • Gorge of Studnica River
  • The old concrete bridge with the coats of arms of the Prussian nobility in Biesowiczki
  • The neo-Gothic palace in Biesowice
  • Hydroelectric power plant in Biesowice


  • Studnica : Miastko-Kawka
  • Miastko - Miastko 33 km book now


  • Studnica – river for tough guys
  • Miastko - Kawka (rz.Wieprza) 117 km book now
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