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  • Start: Bytów
  • End: Osieki Bytowskie
  • Length of the river: 29 km
  • Length of the route: 23km + 72km
  • Duration of the route: 2dni + 5dni (Słupia)
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 0
  • Preferred equipment: jedynki, dwójki, kanadyjki


Bytowa is a left tributary of Słupis, only 29 km in long. It runs through Bytowskie Lake District, and originates in the area near the village Ugoszcz near Bytowa. Mouth of Bytowa is located near the Lake Głębokie. Administratively runs through Bytowski District located in the Pomeranian voivodeship.


Route of Bytowa is not troublesome and obstacles are easy to overcome, and you have to carry the kayaks occasionally due to fallen trees and on shorter distances. You will encounter numerous rapids and water thresholds. In the lower part the water is sometimes still. If you wish to continue canoeing further along Słupia, you will have to transport the canoes from  lake Głębokie to Galaznia Mała. In conclusion, we can  recommend Bytowa for beginners who will be able to focus on admiring the wildlife and serenity of this charming area.

The tourist industry on Bytowa is underdeveloped, but around the lagoon of the river you will find many wild places for camping without a problem. Ending kayaking trip on Lake Głębokie canoe watchtower located on the right bank can serve as good place for camping. Lack of infrastructure is not a downside because the river compensate us with  its beauty and tranquility. In addition, you can complete Bytowa in just one day ....


Length of the route in conjunction with Słupia is 95km which  for kayakers means 56 days of paddling in the beautiful scenery of the Slupia Valley Landscape Park. The trail begins in Bytow. This section of the route up to the bay of the Bytowa is very diverse. You will come across several stone rapids and water thresholds. The initial section leads through green meadows, later river is surrounded by the beautiful forests. Rapid current makes it impossible to get bored here. When this section is over Lagoon of River Bytowa appears in front of us. It was created at the beginning of the last century and is part of the hydrotechnical infrastructure of the Słupia River. Before you there are weirs and an amazing view of the lagoon. In this place the old bed of Słupia river used to join Kamienica River. After several hours Bytowa falls into Słupia ending its run in the Lake Głębokie. If you come here it definitely worth extending the trip adding canoeing on Słupia with the possibility of the ending the adventure on the beaches of the Baltic Sea  in Ustka. See for yourself what Słupia has to offer!


  • Lagoon of Bytowa River
  • The remains of the regulation of the river bed
  • Water thresholds
  • Słupia Valley Landscape Park
  • Ravine  of Old Słupia


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