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  • Start: Sianowo
  • End: Łeba (pozwolenie SPN)
  • Length of the river: 135 km
  • Length of the route: 111 km
  • Duration of the route: 6 dni
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 14
  • Preferred equipment: jedynki


Leba runs through to the Kashubian Lake District and Slowinski Lake District. Its originates near Borzestowo and its mouth is located in Łeba, where it flows into the Baltic Sea. It is a typical lakeland river with  high decrease from its beginning till Strzebielino. One of the major cities located upon Łeba is Lebork. This river has a mountainous character at places Out of five major tributaries only Chełst is available for canoeing, so you can paddle against the current to Lake Sarbsko.


Łeba is one of the most difficult rivers, so you should equip yourself with resistant polyethyl kayaks. Section between Miłoszewo and Bożepole Małe -  22.5 km long, is one of the most troublesome in the entire Polish Lowlands. If you choose Łeba you need to have some kayaking experience and common sense. The tourist industry is underdeveloped here. The exception is Lebork of course and very touristy Łeba. On the river you will find numerous wild camping sites, but there are no boathouses and organized places for tents. It is worth stopping at farms situated nearby. You will have no problem with access to shops - just one day supplies are enough.



The upper section to Lake Sianowskie is a very cumbersome,  instead of canoeing expect more towing. Therefore, it is wise to start your trip at Lake Sianowskie. Reaching Lębork takes an average of four days. The place is charming, but it is not an easy river which runs through narrow streambed, the current is rapid, coastal bushes may hamper rowing.

You can choose the section between Miłoszewo and Bożepole Małe  (22.5 km long) as a part of the process of obtaining Mountain Canoeing Badge PTTK- in terms of difficulty it is comparable to Łupawa or Jar Radunia. You should watch out for  roots and stones located in the riverbed. The route from Lebork to Łeba requires two days. It is already an easy section, which does not require experience. But unfortunately, the views are not that amazing... The only reason why it is worth spending these two days here is the vastness of the Lake Łebsko and the charm of the city Łeba. River runs to the lake through a plain with numerous drainage channels extending from its riverbed.

When passing through Słowiński National Park you have to remember that in order to get across the Lake Łebsko authorization from national park management is required. Unfortunately, since few kayakers drowned here, permits are issued very rarely, and provided that the meteorologists predict windless and sunny weather. Basin of Lake Łebsko has a sea-like character, on which the conditions are variable and all of a sudden you may face a high tide! It is worth going all the way to the Baltic Sea. Six days of such a trip will provide you with interesting memories. We must add on Łeba you will not meet many kayakers who just want to tick another river off their lists.



  • Shrine of Our Siemanowska Lady
  • Hydroelectric Power Station in Paraszyn and manor house from the eighteenth century
  • Bożepole Wielkie (palace from the nineteenth century and half-timbered church)
  • Lębork
  • Chocielewka (Neo-Gothic church and the manor house from the nineteenth century )
  • Łeba


  • Łeba, different things happen on the way but final is amazing
  • Sianowo - Gać 102 km book now
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