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  • Start: Gowidlino
  • End: Ustka
  • Length of the river: 141 km
  • Length of the route: 134,6km
  • Duration of the route: 7 dni
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 6
  • Preferred equipment: jedynki, dwójki, kanadyjki


Słupia runs through East and West Pomeranian Lake District. It passes Kashubian Lake District, Bytowskie Lake District and  Wysoczyzna Polanowska;  it runs along the border of Wysoczyzna Damnicka and Słupia Platau. Słupia originates at the altitude of 178 m above the sea level in peat bog in Kashubian Lake District near Sierakowska Huta. River’s estuary is situated in Ustka in the Baltic Sea. As far as four biggest tributaries are concerned the canoeists can use Bytowa, Skotawa and Kamienica.


Słupia route is a bit troublesome but the obstacles are usually easy to overcome, you are forced to carry the canoe rarely and for short distances. However, it is good to have an experienced canoeist on the team. This advice applies mainly to the upper section of Słupia and Stara Słupia (Old Słupia). The best kayak to cover this section of route is a single one equipped with kayak shirts. The middle and low sections are easy, safe and available for everybody – for families with children as well. Touristic base is poorly developed and focuses on bigger towns, apart for those places it is difficult to find a bar or even a regular grocery shop. Consequently, Słupia route is not visited by many people. A major part of the route goes through protected forest area of Słupia Valley Landscape Park. Bear in mind in the park you are allowed to camp only in six marinas especially designated for canoeists which enable putting up tents and spending the night upon the river (Soszyca, Gołębia Góra upon Lake Głębokie, Gałęźna Mała, Krzynia and Leśny Dwór). These places constitute a perfect place for setting off to admire natural wonders of landscape park. There is much to see here thanks to educational- nature trails organized by the forestry management.


The length of the route is over 134 km which means the canoeists can travel peacefully for 7 days enjoying beautiful scenery. The route begins at Lake Gowidlińskie. The first section up till Soczyca is a difficult one. Here Słupia is like a mountains river: fast current, immense declines up to 4 %, bottom covered with stones, many bended trees, stone thresholds … Banks are usually overgrown with willows and alders, here you will find the famous “sulęczyńska valley ". Less experienced canoeists should start the route further, omitting the first section between Lake Gowidlińskie and Kajlandia (behind the valley).

The section between  Sulęczyn and Gałęzia Mała is rightly included in the list of mountains canoeing routes. Traveling along Słupia Valley provides extraordinary landscape-related experiences. In this area we come cross numerous and characteristic for this place lobelia lakes which are overgrown with relic vegetation. Another significant attraction convincing the canoeist to choose this route is the presence of historic hydro-technical buildings of few hydroelectric power stations dating back to 1898-1926 as well as relevant adits, channels, ground dams, weirs, slime separators and traps ... Indeed they are amazing objects and they actually still operate. The only price we have to pay for the possibility of observing this energy river system unique on European scale is the necessity of carrying the canoe which is not much.

Another attraction of Słupia is the possibility of finishing the canoeing route by entering the Baltic Sea with the final on the beach in Ustka – those who have already canoed in the sea don’t need much convincing to repeat that in Ustka.

Canoe stanitsas are beautifully situated and usually free of charge which recompenses the lack of organized campsites with full touristic infrastructure on this route – you will not find it here but trust us – it may turn out to be an advantage.


  1. Gowidlino -Sulęczyno 14 km
  2. Sulęczyno – Bylina 14 km (transport of canoes to Soszyca 2km)
  3. Soszyca - Lake Głębokie 19 km (transport of canoes to Gałąźnia Mała 8km)
  4. Gałąźnia Mała - Leśny Dwór 15 km
  5. Leśny Dwór - Słupsk 23 km
  6. Słupsk - Bydlino 18 km
  7. Bydlino – Ustka 17 km
Bear in mind two serious events of carrying the canoes:
  1. Bylina - Soszyca (2 km)
  2. Lakie Głębokie - Gałąźnia Mała (8 km)


  • Famous  Sulęczyńska Channel
  • The building of old mill in Parchowski Młyn
  • Słupia Valley Landscape Park
  • The oldest Hydroelectric Power Station Struga (Soszyca) in Europe which has been producing the energy since 1925 !!
  • Hydroelectric Power Station Gałąźnia Mała – the biggest station on Słupia
  • Hydroelectric Power Station Konradowo (Strzegomino)
  • Hydroelectric Power Station Krzynia
  • Hydroelectric Power Station Skarszów Dolny
  • Forest Nature Reservation „Gołębia Góra” („Pigeon’s Hill”)
  • The Castles of Princes of Pomerania in Słupsk
  • Castle Mill in Słupsk
  • Richter’s Garner from the 19th century in Słupsk
  • Ruins of early Middle Ages gord from 8th-9th century upon Kamienica
  • Forest preserve „Buczyna nad Słupią” („Beech upon Słupia”)


  • My first time in kayak
  • Parchowo - Bylina 6 km book now
  • Calm Słupia
  • Gałąźnia Mała - Krzynia / Leśny Dwór 12 /17 km book now
  • Dove Słupia – looking for beavers
  • Gołębia Góra - Jezioro Głębokie 9 km book now
  • Meanders of Słupia
  • Przystań Kajlandia k.Sulęczyna - Bylina 14 km book now
  • The route of the white-tailed eagle
  • Soszyca - Gołębia Góra 11km book now
  • Extreme Slupia
  • Sulęczyno-Jezioro Węgorzyno - Parchowo 13 km book now
  • --
  • Parchowo przystań - Łupawsko 11 km book now


  • Słupia : Lake Węgorzyno -Gołębia Góra
  • J.Węgorzyno - Gołębia Góra 32 km book now
  • Słupia : Gowidlino-Bylina
  • Gowidlino - Bylina 27,6 book now
  • Słupia : Kajlandia- Lake Głębokie
  • Kajlandia - J.Głębokie 35,9 book now
  • Słupia : Gałąźnia Mała-Słupsk
  • Gałęźnia mała - Słupsk 39,1 km book now
  • Łupawa : L.Obrowo-Łupawa
  • Parchowo - Bylina book now


  • Słupia – few versions with final in the Baltic Sea
  • Gowidlino - Ustka 135 km book now
  • Via Słupia to sea in 4 days
  • Gałęźnia mała - Ustka 74 km book now
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