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  • Start: Sominy
  • End: Bydgoszcz / Fordon
  • Length of the river: 53 km
  • Length of the route: 45 km + 145 km (Brda)
  • Duration of the route: 2-3 dni + 6 dni (Brda)
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 5
  • Preferred equipment: jedynki, dwójki, kanadyjki


Zbrzyca is a right tributary of Brda. It runs through Zaborski Landscape Park in the Kashubian region. It originates in Lake Małe Sarnowicze and the ends  in Lake Witoczno where it supplies Brda. This interesting and very varied route is a great idea for a lovely weekend.


Zbrzyca route is easy and overcoming it does not require a lot of experience. Some nuisance may appear in the upper section, where the river is very narrow and will require to carry the kayaks quite frequently. At low water sometimes you will need to tow the canoes. Accommodation here is poor and there are no water stations and marinas. You can choose either private farms or wild camp. Shopping is not a problem as in every village you will find a shop.


We recommend to start canoeing on  Zbrzyca from the Lake Dywańskie or Lake Sominńskie.

You can visit the village of Sominy with its mini open-air museum and charming wooden church from the eighteenth century. The first stage Zbrzyca trail leads through three lakes Somińskie, Kruszyński and Parzyn. The section from the village Parzyn is wonderful - there are high steep banks covered with mixed forest. As you go you will encounter on the left tributary of Zbrzyca – Młosienica, if you want you can try to paddle against the current to the village of Leśno (just over 3 km). Next you will pass Kaszuby and Rolbik.

Another option is the possibility of entering Lake Milachowo. Another tributary of Zbrzyca is Kulawa (8 km). On being there it is worth visiting Lake Kulawa Nature Reserve. Then you will pass village Laska entering Lake Reserve with the same name. Another lake is Lake Księże with the  right tributary of the river Kłoniecznica. Glacial lakes will start emerging in front of you: Długie, Parszczenica and Śluza, it merans that you are already close to the mouth of Zbrzyca. This final section is the most beautiful. Riverbed is 20m wide and varied coastline leaves an unforgettable impression.

Behind the village Zbrzyca there is Lake Witoczno where the river joins the Brda on the 150 km long route. Despite numerous episodes of carrying the kayak you should paddle along the beautiful route of Zbrzyca. Communing with pristine nature and wildness of the river cannot be overestimated.


  • Sominy Church of Our Lady Queen of Poland from the eighteenth century
  • Sominy historic sheep farm from the nineteenth century
  • The picturesque Kashubian Lakes
  • Zaborski Landscape Park


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